UTDB welcomes Carl H, co- founder of Northern Purpose, Project.5 and Normal Behaviour to its series of podcasts.


I first heard Carl play at his residency for Collective Minds and thought he was fantastic, and after having him play a 6 hour, record for record, b2b set for us at Dialogue with Jane Fitz, (which was easily one of the best moments musically I have ever experienced), I couldn’t wait to have him put together a mix for me.

A special hour of music here as Carl treats us to some fresh sounds after receiving a nice little record delivery the day before recording this! A little bit different to what you may have heard Carl play up until now, as this mix includes a few more wonky electro infused numbers than usual. True to form Carl throws in a little bit of acid for good measure and the odd mellower track in between. I found it really refreshing, even the naughty little skip in one of the records (Carl specifically asked me to say sorry to you all about this). I think you will love it too, enjoy!


You can hear more of Carl’s music here and get more info on any parties he is playing at here. You can next catch him at Field Maneuvers if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket!

If you love a small, intimate, (we’re talking 500 people) boutique festival, with some absolutely top notch, avant-garde DJs, riverside location, 60 minutes out of London, then Field Maneuvers is the one for you…

Now in it’s second year, FM is proving to be one of the best festivals, along with Freerotation for all the ‘heads’ out there. Tickets are flying and close to sell out, so I wouldn’t waste any time…and why would you with this line-up?


Move D 
Waze & Odyssey
Tama Sumo 
Ryan Elliott
Ben Sims
Mark Archer 
Auntie Flo
Trumpet & Badman
Cedric Maison
DJ Haus
Jane Fitz
My Panda Shall Fly (live)
Jade Seatle 
Steevio & Suzybee
Project Tempo
Burek Records Showcase ft, Gnork, Route 8 & Bonez
Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club Showcase 
SVS Records Showcase ft Zaquoir & Lucas Cawrel
Cornerstone Soundsystem 
Joel Kane
Em Williams
Sammy String
Joe Watkins
Ben Gomori 
The Local Group
Carl H 
Tom Saunders 
Andrew James Gustav & Gwenan 
Aidy West 
Robert Gipson 
Ben Boe 
Tim Timma 
Paulie P 
Matt Pond 
Alison Marks 
Leah Floyeurs 
Neil Quinn 
Dan Harrington 
Dom Ahtuam 
Joe Ellis 
Tom Gillespie
Greta Cottage Workshop

Plus residents from:
Make Me: Rupes, Rubin
Arthouse: Jagger & The Bat, Moid, John Hanley
Yeah, Maybe: Fife, Lex Darker, Colonel 
Housewerk: Golesworthy, Chanti Celeste
Sunk: Andy Green, Chris Chippindale, Truly-Madly

New additions to this line-up include Ben Sims, My Panda Shall Fly, Trumpet & Badman (Unknown To The Unknown), Cedric Maison (Hypercolour/ Glass Table), Steevio & Suzybee ( Freerotation Electronic Audio-Visual Festival), Forget Me NotJoel Kaneem williams and Moniker_London

Tickets are £88 inclusive of booking fee, and for three nights a bloomin’ bargain if you ask me  - grab yours here.

To keep up to date with any developments with the festival link up their facebook page!

A banging vinyl only techno mix of old and new tunes from London based Leah Floyeurs. Covering more than 20 years of techno, guaranteed to make the neighbours dance! 

Leah has hosted her own radio show “Leah with Sound” for the past two years on Timeline Music (www.timeline-music.net) and it airs at 8pm every third Tuesday of each month - definitely check it out, if you haven’t already.

I first saw Leah play live last year at Freerotation and in my opinion it was one of the best sets I heard at the festival. I cannot wait to see what she has lined up for us this year, roll on July!


1. Shed “Atmo-Action” (Osgut Ton, 2010)
2. Terrence Dixon “High Current” (Surface 2013)
3. Mike Dehnert “Biface” (Fachwerk, 2010)
4. Florence “Exploration” (Eevo Lute Muzique, 1991)
5. Tripeo “5th Trip” (Tripeo, 2014)
6. Joey Anderson “Auset (Avenue 66, 2013)
7. Skudge “Surplus” (Echochord Colour, 2011)
8. Random XS “Give Your Body” (DJax-Up-Beats, 1992)
9. Charlton “Know Yourself” (Krill Music, 2014)
10. The Martian “Lost Transmission From Earth” (Red Planet, 1992)
11. Unknown Artist “#4” (Head Front Panel,2014)
12. Bleak “Kti” (Deeply Rooted House, 2012)
13. Point Blank “Meng’s Theme (Joey Beltram remix)” (R&S Records, 1994)
14. Mike Dehnert “Fachwerk 30” (Fachwerk, 2013)
15. Unknown Artist “#3” (Head Front Panel, 2014)
16. Marcel Fengler “King of Psi” (Ostgut Ton, 2013)
17. Unknown Artist “#2” (Head Front Panel, 2014)
18. Dimi Angélis & Jeroen “Sleepless” (Ion (2), 2004)

"Kicking off the first in a series of mixtapes from artists from the boe family is Anaxander. Fresh from dropping the underground bomb "Dance Et Cetera" on the Halal Prepared Vol. 2 EP in November, Anaxander delivers a varied house mix. Moving from synth flavoured house jams to loose disco beats, classic French deepness and modern techno, all in the space of 60 minutes. Anaxander’s choice picks provide a fine way to start the series and this mix is a great reflection of what boe is all about."

Download & play loud.

Wax (19) ‎– No. 20002 b

Label: Wax (4) ‎– WAX 20002

Country: Germany

Released: 25 Jun 2009

One of my favourites from the WAX series…

A great new 100% vinyl mix, showcasing ‘Anthony’. Anthony has incorporated lots different vibes within this mix which I love.

“I’m a record collector and prefer to mix and record using vinyl as I enjoy imperfections in a mix - when you listen back you can hear small mistakes so it seems much more realistic and live. You can hear the analogue sounds, movements, pops and crackles. A lot of DJs I feel are far too focused on beat matching rather than track selection (as long as you don’t clang the whole way through a mix, ha!).

I look up to and aspire to DJs such as Move D, Theo Parrish and Floating Points, their selection and passion is unmissable. Hope you enjoy the mix!”

(Source: pixelives)

Duplex - First Day (Steven Tang Remix)

Duplex ‎– First Day EP

Label: Dolly ‎– Dolly 16
Country: Germany
Released: Nov 2013