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Excellent mix here recorded for Northern Purpose London in June. Definitely one of my mixes of the summer! Thanks guys. x 

Half way through the week everyone - here’s a little tune for you!

MGUN  -   Risqué on ‘Don’t be Afraid


UTDB welcomes Carl H, co- founder of Northern Purpose, Project.5 and Normal Behaviour to its series of podcasts.


I first heard Carl play at his residency for Collective Minds and thought he was fantastic, and after having him play a 6 hour, record for record, b2b set for us at Dialogue with Jane Fitz, (which was easily one of the best moments musically I have ever experienced), I couldn’t wait to have him put together a mix for me.

A special hour of music here as Carl treats us to some fresh sounds after receiving a nice little record delivery the day before recording this! A little bit different to what you may have heard Carl play up until now, as this mix includes a few more wonky electro infused numbers than usual. True to form Carl throws in a little bit of acid for good measure and the odd mellower track in between. I found it really refreshing, even the naughty little skip in one of the records (Carl specifically asked me to say sorry to you all about this). I think you will love it too, enjoy!

You can hear more of Carl’s music here and get more info on any parties he is playing at here. You can next catch him at Field Maneuvers if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket!

IN the Disco Ball!


I had the chance to catch up with Gio from Select*Elect and a few of the DJs that’ll be playing on the night….

Gio, how did Select*Elect go from warehouse parties in the east end of London to the roof tops of Berlin?! How did the Berlin branch of party come about?

The transition happened when we relocated from London to Berlin. When we settled in Berlin we simply carried on with our wide database and international network within the music industry. There was no break at all!

We kicked off in Berlin less than a year ago by doing small & intimate parties. It’s just a matter of keep on doing what you really love and never stop believing in it. Nevertheless, one of our aims is to keep the intimacy of the party and its small size production when necessary. Only in this way is the party is able to build a solid crowd and faithful followers.

Dan Curtain - We love listening to your releases on Peacefrog between 1992-97, especially “Spliffed” on the “Dream not of Today” EP - this still sounds so fresh, your early music is timeless. What was your inspiration then and what inspires you these days, as your music has taken a different direction?

Really glad to hear you have been into that music and still are because timeless was definitely my goal. I think my inspiration then is the same as now and that is the way all life is connected in the universe, this is where I draw my creative energy, and it’s always the source.  And then of course listening to the music of other people whom I admire is always inspiring to me. 

You are right, at times my music has gone in various directions as I have explored what is possible over the years.  Fans of my tracks like “Spliffed” for example will be very interested in checking out my upcoming material as I have come full circle and am producing in that way once again.  It all seems new especially with the modern analog instruments and the possibilities they offer.  Once again, back to the limitless!

Ranacat - You’ve been very busy with the label you co-own called Sneaky Music and have most recently worked with Rick Wade on his ‘Neuro Stimuli’ EP. I love the laid back vibe of this EP, especially the track ‘Sun Come Up’ For people that are not familiar with Sneaky, tell us a bit more about the label and what future plans you may have in the pipeline?

I’m really glad you like our label. It’s really fun to run Sneaky but it’s also hard work so yeah, we have been busy. Andy and I started it about a year ago and so far we couldn’t be happier with the quality of music we’ve been releasing. Silk 86, Kiwi and Ashworth have delivered great forward thinking deep house and they keep working hard and improving their sound so we look forward to happily putting out more of their music. It’s also a big pleasure to have Rick Wade on board. His ‘Neuro Stimuli’ EP went down really well on vinyl and now it’s just gone out on digital. And.Id’s remix is a stomper!

In the near future we have Ashworth and Kiwi’s ‘Second EP’ that includes a remix by myself but also a super genius remix by the Italian master Nicholas in collaboration with Marcoradi. Another jewel we have lined up is an EP by my good friend Echonomist. There’s a track here where he features Stee Downes on vocals that’s sounding amazing. Very happy also with a house/nu-disco EP by Ian Blevins and I’m working on an EP of my own as well as remixes here and there. What else can we ask for? Oh yes, waiting for some big name remixers to send their work back to us. So come on guys, quick!

Saverio Celestri - Saverio, you have done really well to have already established yourself locally in your hometown as a DJ and producer at quite a young age - who have your influences been thus far?

At the beginning I took a lot of inspiration by Anton zap and the label “Underground Quality”. As u can see my sound is basically deep techno with Detroit influences. Now the next steps will be to add a touch of electro In all this. The most important thing is passion. Music entered in my life really early and it’s a cure that I use on a daily basis.

Tomoki Tamura - 2012 saw the launch of your own imprint Holic Trax. We particularly love the track “Discovered Night” that you co-wrote with Tuccillo as Doublet. This wasn’t as moody as some of your other productions. You are quite well known for your deep dark house music, will playing on the rooftop effect what type of set you play? Or will you be sticking to your signature sound?

We made this track in Ibiza which is why sound it may sound different than usual??

Environment always effect what you produce so Sunshine on rooftop? Of course! I will be so happy then, so you can imagine what I play from my feeling.

Thanks Guys, I enjoyed chatting with you. I’m sure Select*Elect on the rooftop will be one to remember!

To check out the event and for more info, click on the facebook link…

Tickets on the door.


Oooh grazie…

Magical Rings - from the newest album Astral Travelling, from Hakim Murphy and Ike who together make up Innerspace Halflife. Love the rich melody that dominates this track…

Released on Synapsis back in April this year.

Buy here.